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In today’s aggressive used vehicle market, every customer wants 100% value in exchange for their hard-earned money.  Rightfully so.  Here are a few pointers to help ensure you are getting every penny.

  • A clean and tidy interior will speak volumes to the person doing the appraisal.
  • Try and remove odors from the vehicle (smoke, pets, food, sports gear smells, etc.)
  • Service records are a great way to build value not only for the dealer, but for the next owner, as well.
  • Minor exterior scratches and dents can drastically affect the value, as the next owner my not accept them as “OK”.
  • Tires are still one of the larger expenses for a dealer to install on a used vehicle.  If the tires are worn and will not pass inspection, the dealer WILL take the cost of those into consideration when delivering you a trade value.
  • Any previous accidents should be disclosed upfront.  Most dealers can and will pull accident reports. Dealers are expected to perform their business with full disclosure. 

At Anchor Toyota, you can expect your experience to be completely transparent. 

I hope these tips help!


P.S.  Did you know we will buy your current vehicle, even if you don’t buy a new or used vehicle from us?  ??

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