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Toyota Service Centre in Stellarton, Nova Scotia

Part of owning an automobile is making sure that it's taken care of. This can be done by scheduling routine maintenance on a periodic basis. You can service your Toyota at Anchor Toyota using some of the best technicians in the area.

Routine Service Offered at Anchor Toyota Service Centre

Routine Oil Change

The exact frequency of your oil changes will really depend on what make and model of Toyota you have, how much mileage it has on it and what kind of oil was last used. We can help you come up with an appropriate oil change schedule that will benefit your vehicle for many years to come.

Multi-Point Inspection

Having our certified technicians inspect a number of parts of your vehicle will help prevent major problems before they occur. We can spot things like low tire tread, low battery charge, worn down brake pads and much more. It costs a lot less time and money to address these issues now.

Battery Inspections

When we check your vehicle’s battery, we want to see what its current charge is. After that, we test your battery to see if it’s capable of charging. Whether or not your battery will hold that charge, is also important. Your average automobile battery will last anywhere from three to five years. If your battery is nearing its end of life, we can help you choose a new model battery from our Parts Centre and have it installed.

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light has come on, it’s important that you have a licenced and certified technician determine what the problem is. People often put off having diagnostics run on their check engine light, and this can be dangerous for both you and your vehicle. Once we’ve determined what the problem is, we’ll let you know if it’s safe to continue driving your automobile until the issue has been resolved.

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If you are interested in checking out our new inventory or have service questions, you can contact us on our website or by coming down to our Toyota Service Centre in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. You can also contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment for service. We encourage you to make an appointment for any issues that you spot. You're the person that knows your vehicle the best, and it's likely that you're going to see something malfunctioning before anyone else will.

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