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We Want Your Trade. We Will Buy Your Vehicle Even If You Don't Buy Ours! Value Your Trade Online.

Toyota Electrified: PHEV Lineup

Toyota Electrified: PHEV Lineup

Driving in the scenic landscapes of our province just got more eco-friendly. Dive into the world of Toyota's PHEV lineup, where the fusion of electric and gasoline power brings you the best of both worlds: uncompromised performance and a significant reduction in carbon footprints.


The Power of Two: Why Choose a PHEV?

Toyota's Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) merge the strengths of two sources. Enjoy extended CO2 emissions-free electric-only drives, allowing for quieter, cleaner trips through our province's bustling cities and serene countryside.


  1. Efficiency in Every Drive: PHEVs cover more distance in electric mode, translating to fewer stops at the gas station and more time on the road.
  2. Eliminate Range Stress: The perfect blend of gas engines and electric motors ensures you'll always reach your destination, even when a charger seems miles away.
  3. Instant Power: Experience exhilarating acceleration thanks to the electric motor's immediate torque delivery.
  4. All-Weather Confidence: Select Toyota PHEVs offer electronic All-Wheel-Drive, ensuring optimal traction regardless of road conditions.
  5. Low Maintenance: Toyota's PHEVs have a maintenance schedule nearly mirroring their gasoline counterparts. So, expect the same Toyota reliability with an electric twist.
  6. Incentives to Switch: Embrace a greener future and enjoy the benefits of the federal government's iZEV program, which offers incentives for qualifying PHEVs.

Decoding the PHEV Technology

Simplicity underpins Toyota's PHEVs. These vehicles house both a gasoline engine and electric motors. Depending on conditions, your PHEV can operate on electric power, gasoline, or an efficient blend of both.

The real game-changer? The beefed-up battery and robust motor in PHEVs grant more extended electric-only drives compared to traditional hybrids. And when you choose, plug in your PHEV to extend its electric range.

Charging Made Easy

Bid adieu to complicated charging rituals. Powering up your PHEV is as simple as plugging in your smartphone. Whether it's your garage, workplace, or a public charging station in our province, your PHEV will be ready for its next adventure in no time. And with choices between Level 1 and 2 charging, you decide how fast you want that power-up.

A Promise of Durability: Toyota's Warranty

Toyota's dedication to excellence doesn't waver, whether it's a gasoline engine or a PHEV. Every Toyota PHEV comes with a robust warranty, reinforcing the brand's commitment to quality and reliability:

  • 8-Year or 160,000 KM - Covering Hybrid Components.
  • 10-Year or 240,000 KM - Specifically for the Hybrid Battery.

PHEV Models to Explore

Prius Prime: The evolution of Toyota's iconic hybrid car, the Prius Prime, offers an impressive electric-only range, coupled with all the features you love about the original Prius. With an aerodynamic design and advanced technological features, it’s the ideal combination of efficiency and innovation.

RAV4 Prime: A dynamic addition to the beloved RAV4 family, the RAV4 Prime delivers exceptional horsepower combined with an impressive electric range. With ample cargo space and advanced safety features, it's perfect for urban adventurers and families on the move.

Drive the Change

Choosing a Toyota PHEV is more than an automotive decision; it's a commitment to a greener province and a sustainable future. Visit Anchor Toyota today, and let's drive the change together.

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