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We Want Your Trade. We Will Buy Your Vehicle Even If You Don't Buy Ours! Value Your Trade Online.

10 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring

10 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring

10 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring

The transition from winter to spring can be hard on your vehicle. This is why it's important to follow a spring maintenance checklist. Here's what to do to ensure your car is ready for spring.


Clean Your Car

Why should you wash your car in the spring? Your car goes through a lot in winter. Properly cleaning your car ensures sludge, grime, and salt that have accumulated around the undercarriage and the fender lining are removed.


Check Your Alignment

After driving on rough roads, such as those caused by hard ice, tires tend to get misaligned. Getting a tire alignment improves your car's fuel efficiency and ensures you get optimal vehicle performance.


Refinish the Paintwork

The paint on your car serves as a protective barrier. If ice chips it away, the exposed metal underneath it is more prone to corrosion. Use the warm weather to give your car a fresh coat of paint to protect it from the elements.


Check Your Battery

Long periods of sub-zero temperatures can harm the car battery. Protect yourself from a malfunctioning battery by inspecting your battery this spring.


Replace Your Wiper Blades

A wiper blade's rubber surfaces are formulated for rainfall but deteriorate with long exposure to ice and snow. If your wiper blades are leaving streaks on the windshield, they may suffer from winter damage, and you should replace them for optimal visibility during spring rainfall.


Check Your Brakes

Harsh winter weather can take a toll on the most important vehicle components: your brake pads and rotors. Bring them over to our Service Centre for an inspection to ensure that they're in good condition.


Change Various Fluids

When the weather warms up, you should check your car’s various fluids like the brake fluid, wiper fluid, and coolant. Take this time to also flush out your engine's oil supply and start fresh.


Check Your Engine Components

The engine and its components like the belts, hoses, and spark plugs have been working overtime during the harsh Canadian winter season. Examine each engine part for any wear and get small issues sorted out before they become significant and expensive repairs.


Replace Your Filters

Your car’s filters protect the engine from debris and particles that are rampant on winter roads. Replacing your vehicle’s fuel and oil filters will help your engine run better throughout spring.


Check Your Tires

Take your car for a tire check at our Service Centre to ensure the tire pressure and tread depth haven’t been affected by the cold winter season.


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